How To Build Hypnotic Rapport Using Covert Hypnosis

So today I want to teach you a very important covert hypnosis technique. This is going to take your rapport skills beyond the normal range.

It’s what I call ‘Hypnotic Rapport’.

hypnotic rapport and covert hypnosis

Now, in some respects, hypnotic rapport has been around as long as human beings have, because there’s a side-effect of trance. No one fully understands what it is yet, but we know that it happens, and we know that it’s incredibly

Basically, whenever someone goes into a trance around you, when they come back they’ll bring with them a deeper state of connection with you and your own unconscious mind.

There’s a deepened sense of trust, and a real sense of comfort in your company.

And this is a very, very powerful side-effect of someone simply helping someone else to go into a trance using covert hypnosis and come back again. It’s a very healthy thing in my opinion.

Now, one of the things that occurs there, is that you get an unconscious connection. What happens when two people connect unconsciously is that they begin to explore thoughts and ideas that they didn’t even know they had, until
that moment in time.

I remember when I was a small boy, I used to be very shy. And my parents used to keep throwing these dinner parties which, as children, we’d be expected to come along and, you know, make conversation with the guests.

Now, I found something very unusual would happen at these dinner parties.

Some guests, I’d talk to and I would be totally charismatic; I’d have fantastic new ideas and it’s almost like I was a genius at the dinner table.

Now with other guests, typically the more shy or awkward ones themselves, the more reserved ones, I felt awkward even saying ‘hello’. I would always get stuck with the same old questions like, you know, “Hi, where are you from?

What do you do? What’s you name?”

And even those questions themselves seemed somehow dull and lifeless and somehow the conversation kept dying.

For years I thought, “What’s wrong with me?” – that I would be this split personality – charismatic and highly intelligent at one time, and almost stupid and inept at other times.

Until one day I realised: It has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with the other people using covert hypnosis.

You see, the people I felt comfortable around – the ones where I began to come out of my own shell – were people who were so comfortable in their own skin, they projected a sense of well-being, a sense of comfort, a sense of trust, that I began to feel comfortable inside myself, and started trusting the ideas and thoughts that are always inside me and began to communicate those.

The people I would shut down with would do the exact reverse. The things that they sub-communicated, on an unconscious level, would make me feel so awkward and inhibited and nervous, that all my ideas would just be cut off before they even began properly.

And this got me to thinking, “How can we use this as a way of really generating this kind of hypnotic rapport when using covert hypnosis?”

How to create this instant rapport with a complete stranger so that they feel like they’ve known you for years, and they trust you, and they feel comfortable around you.

Well watch the video below to learn how:

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